When Modern Was – A Unique Experience

Treasure Hunting

At WMW we hunt down pieces that you cannot find anywhere else. Always traveling throughout the country to find great objects for your home. Most buyers today don’t have the time or resources to hunt down the perfect piece. Leave it up to us, that’s what we do.


All our furniture is solid wood with dovetail joints, the way it was made years ago. These creations will last you a lifetime.

Costumer Service

We are always available to help our customers with furniture placement, measurements and delivery.
We can also take notes of what you are looking for and try to hunt it down through our resources and travels.


Dona is the sole proprietor. She is in and out of the store most days so she can be there when furniture is delivered from the artists. Then comes the fun part, to rearrange the store to make room for all the new pieces. It is a constant visual reworking and placement of the furniture to get all to fit. So much fun for her!

Dona has owned and operated the most creative and unusual retail stores since 1980. She has opened over one dozen retail stores in Colorado, Berkeley and San Francisco. Her expertise is in retail set up, workstation placement, consultation and visual merchandising.


Karen create many of the lovely pieces of furniture featured at WMW. Her furniture art has been featured in magazines around the world.


Monique brings European flair to WMW, with the ability to speak multiple languages she puts everyone at ease.

She is thoughtful, helpful, and always available with ideas to help you find the perfect gift.

The Important Stuff

Our Location

4001 24th St
San Francisco, California
In Lovely Noe Valley

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